Saturday, September 12, 2015

REVIEW | Revlon Ultra HD lipstick in Hibiscus

Light sweet fragrance

Medium coverage
Not long lasting

$8-9 for 0.1 oz / 3 g

I notice a lot of moisturizing lipsticks may not be the most pigmented, but it feels great on the lips and the color is buildable. I really enjoy this lipstick due to the light sweet fragrance and also because Hibiscus is a bright-ish color but wearable when it's in a sheerer formula. Even though it's not long lasting, I noticed that I'm probably never going through an entire bullet of lipstick, so reapplications throughout the day won't use up the lipstick that much more quickly.

I've been loving corals lately as you can probably see from my previous lip product posts, can't wait to try more :)


Would I recommend it?
Yes. I've been reaching for moisturizing lipsticks more lately

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