Saturday, July 16, 2016

LIQUID LIPSTICK | Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Double Dare

No lip liner
After some ice cream and wiping chocolate away with a napkin
I notice if I use an oil to moisturizer my lips before it doesn't last as long

Long wearing
Dries quickly
Lightweight texture
Fragrance free

Exacerbates dry lips

$20 for 0.22 oz

I was super impressed by this when I tried it at Sephora that I bought it right away even though this isn't usually my go to lip color. $20 isn't too bad for lipstick, although I think the applicator could be better to be more precise. I've heard about Kat Von D lipsticks for a long time, but the colors never intrigued me. Recently Pony Makeup used it in her Shanghai get ready tutorial - but it looks a lot different on her (photo below)
 I usually like to buy high end makeup with some kind of discount but I can totally justify paying full price for this. 

TIP | for liquid lipsticks, don't use a lip oil to prime. I notice the lipstick doesn't dry entirely so it performs as a normal lipstick. Usually after liquid lipsticks dry completely it doesn't transfer.


Would I recommend it?

The color makes me look more mature, but I'll still wear it

Looks a lot different on her but it's the one she used in that video o_O
I think Pony's probably the prettiest makeup artist I've seen. I do question whether she's had work done though. Hmmmmm

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