Tuesday, September 13, 2016

"EMPTIES" | Japonesque Lash Curler

If you see the clear spaces near where you put your fingers - that's where the extra pads are stored!

Good for inner lashes

Not as long lasting? Lasted 1-2 years


Just thought I'd share this product before I throw it away
I purchased the Japonesque Precision Lash Curler from Amazon over 3 years ago as part of an add-on order. I didn't really start using it until 1-2 years ago when I started wearing more mascara, since my Shiseido lash curler (detailed comparison w NARS here) doesn't curl some of my inner corner lashes. Up until recently it was fine until I noticed the plastic upper part was bending and looked like it might be falling off. I guess this is why curlers are usually metal, but it worked well while it lasted.

Shiseido has a mini curler like this as well except it looks like a typical curler just smaller, maybe I'll try that next


Would I recommend it?
If you see a good deal on it, it's worth a try!

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