Friday, September 16, 2016

BROWS | Battle of the Taupes

I've been on somewhat of a brow kick lately since brows are trending right now, so I tried 4 taupes
ColourPop eyebrow pencil - the texture is the creamiest of the bunch, but also seems to fade more quickly. The writing's already rubbed off, the quality of their print on packaging is definitely questionable, my liquid lipstick was the same way
Anastasia Brow Wiz - the most well known eyebrow product, I told my close friends about it and they all love it now too. The pencil is a bit harder than the ColourPop, but for brows you don't want color pigmented too fast anyway
NYX Micro brow pencil - mildly disappointed in this, it's very hard to get color and it's more red than a ash brown (as you can see in the swatch below). It tries to copy the ABH packaging but the quality is not up to par
E.L.F. brow pencil - I saw this at Target and thought, why not. Surprisingly I've been reaching for this one over the other ones (over the ABH only bc I want to save it for special occasions). I would recommend this to people who don't want to spend a lot on eyebrows, because it actually seems pretty good to me. The only thing is the pencil is thicker than the others so it may be lacking in precision if you're trying to draw on your brows. 
Personally, I just fill in the sparse areas and kind of draw on the front to make it fuller, so I don't need strong definition in a brow pencil. I'm not that great at eyebrows so I'll spare you guys the embarrassing photos of my less than groomed brows 

Color Comparison
ColourPop | Anastasia | NYX | E.L.F.
You can tell the ColourPop and NYX are a bit redder

Don't know about you guys but I like these kind of brow pencils w the spoolie that can help you blend out the color if it's too harsh. The bigger spoolie (like the E.L.F. one) is a bit more prickly, and the comb looking things are kind of hard too.

In conclusion, I would recommend the Anastasia if you can afford it, or the E.L.F. if you don't care about your eyebrows that much (:

One thing I don't like about the ColourPop is the pencil breaks even if you just twist up the teensiest bit too much

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