Saturday, December 17, 2016

KBEAUTY | Stylenanda 3CE Haul

Milk pack to foam ($19) link here
Mud to foam cleanser / pore refining clay mask
Real Soft Cleansing Sherbet ($23) link here
Makeup removing sorbet, similar to cleansing balms I believe
Glow Jam Stick #Supa Dupa ($18) link here 
Lip balm stick, more pigmented than a tinted lip balm
Nail Lacquer #BE04 and #GN03 ($4 each) link here and here
Boosting Sun Mist SPF 50 ($28) link here
Facial mist with SPF 50, the item I most wanted
Boosting Sun Primer SPF 50 ($24) link here
Facial primer with SPF 50. Historically these tend to be a bit greasy or make my face oily, so we'll see
Sharpen Edge Brow Pencil ($14) in #Cocoa Brown link here
(not pictured bc I almost left it in the box to throw away). It's sexagonal with a spoolie, which are my preferred eyebrow pencils. This is as close as I could find to taupe, the others were all too warm or too dark.

Of course I got all of these on sale, I spent $99 total including the $10 shipping, so it was about 27% off on average
I also ordered a lipstick and some cotton pads but they were out of stock :'(

The prices aren't drugstore prices but it's not too bad, reasonable esp with the sale. I'm excited to try all the products, but idk why I bought the pink nail polish... It seems like such a vanilla color. Lol
As you can tell these are mostly skincare products, I didn't find their makeup particularly intriguing compared to what I already have. Their lipsticks are very intriguing, but again... I bought like 20 lipsticks this year so I couldn't justify getting more than 1-2

They all come with a seal that says "nonrefundable after opening"

Have you tried 3CE products? How do you like them?


  1. I have their kabuki brush which I liked for half a year or so (then I bought some Japanese squirrel cheeks brush, everthing else feels like either plastic or dish scrubber). My cousin said she really like their purple primer and foundation...I don't use either though so don't know how they work.

    1. Ooh, squirrel cheeks brushes??
      I didn't try their foundation bc I don't really use it anymore, but I hope their suncare whatnot works out for me


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