Monday, December 26, 2016

LIP GLOSS | Too Faced Sweet Peach lip gloss in Peach-sicle

Ok I may or may not be buying way too many lip products. Idk why it's hard for me to resist compared to other products

Cute sticker but it's not well stuck on the wand

I was really excited about this lip gloss (along with the eyeshadow palette) since it's a new release. But the quality of the lip gloss is really mediocre. Granted, I'm not into lip gloss as I once was, but this isn't very shiny, doesn't apply evenly and the peach fragrance is WAY too artificial.

$19 for 0.14 / 4 ml
Not that I would ever use up a lip gloss anyway, but 4 ml seems less than your typical lip gloss (I wanna say they're usually 8-10 ml)

Would I recommend it?

Would I repurchase?

I won't be swatching the palette (or eyeshadow palettes in general) as Temptalia (link here) does an amazing job. I will say that the peach fragrance is a bit disappointing, it's very artificial :/ I was expecting fresh peaches.

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