Saturday, December 24, 2016

SWATCHES | Red Lipstick Roundup (All Drugstore)

Merry Christmas Eve!
I've been more adventurous with lip colors recently, and since it's the holidays I thought I'd share my red lipsticks with you all. I mostly buy drugstore lipsticks unless it's a really unique color (I honestly think the quality difference between drugstore and high end is not noticeable, except maybe the scent).

L'Oreal Infallible Lip Paint in 326 Sultry Sangria shine
Nice black cherry color, smells like grapes which is a plus (for me)
Maybelline ColorSensational Matte Divine Wine matte
I wear this wine color the most
The Maybelline ColorSensational line tends to have a strange odor, it's not unpleasant but not particularly nice smelling. But I still applaud the quality of this line of lipsticks.
My friend's friend actually tried this lipstick one time we went out, and she went out to look for it the next day. It's an attractive wine red that's not too purple
Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte in Matte Confident matte
I got this from Target recently, it's only $5 and I am always intrigued by nondrying matte lipsticks. This is probably the most "true red" lipstick I own. Slight vanilla fragrance
Maybelline SuperStay 24 HR Lipcolor in All Day Cherry satin/shine
The most long wearing red lipstick I have, it takes a lot to remove fully but also doesn't budge, even if you eat oily foods. There is a slight golden shimmer to it. Smells fruity
L'Oreal HiP  Shine Struck Liquid Lipcolor in Turbulent shine
This is discontinued, I think this was the first red lipstick I bought, but never wore. I'm not a fan of glossy bright colors, I much prefer matte 
Maybelline ColorSensational in Dynamite Red satin
Another one of my favorites, this is a bit of an orange red
Revlon Super Lustrous in Love is On satin
More of a berry red but not as "raspberry" as Continuous Cranberry.
I think this is limited edition, I mostly got it bc it's a cute tube (the inside has the word love in many different languages). There is a strong artificial fragrance, but I always have a soft spot for Revlon lipsticks, it was one of my earlier discoveries when I first got into makeup
Maybelline SuperStay 14 HR lipstick in Continuous Cranberry satin
This is more of a berry red. The formula is one of the longer wearing lipsticks (in a bullet) I've tried. If they had a better color selection I would buy more shades. This has an artificial fruity scent, but one of the better scents compared to the rest of the red lipsticks

I want to try some red liquid lipsticks, but due to the sheer volume of my lipstick collection I'm hesitant to buy more. I think I purchased over 20 lipsticks this year, I've never even gone through one lipstick in my life o_O #hoarderstatus 
Lip products are definitely a weakness of mine

Are you loving the red lips for the holidays? What are your favorites?

Once it dries the SuperStay does not budge without an oil makeup remover

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