Friday, February 3, 2017

HANDBAGS | Issey Miyake Lucent Basic Faux Leather Tote

Lucent Basic Faux Leather Tote ($425)
This is the cheapest "bigger" bag in his line. He also has crossbodies but I thought I'd get more use out of a bigger bag.

^ Bigger version of my bag

Laid flat

It's basically mesh and nylon, very light but seemingly durable

Pocket logo

Adjustable strap

Since this is plastic, white naturally gets dirty. But I've only had this for... 2 weeks? Kind of disappointed. It is also possible that my Northface jacket rubbed off on it (although that seems unlikely, the exterior is water resistant.

I've seen people carry this around but was never really intrigued until I saw this young mother carrying it at a casino in Tahoe. I asked her what brand it is and she told me the name, I definitely spelled it wrong but luckily we have Google.
I ordered this directly from Issey Miyake's US website, it shipped from New York with no additional tax and arrived in about a week. It is sold at Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue but there is much more variety on his US website.

The pricing on this isn't as bad as some high end brands, but because it's plastic I don't really feel like it's worth the price. After I discovered the discoloration on the strap, I've since switched back to my LV Neverfull. It is a cool bag that people will notice (namely my male coworkers).
My mom thinks this is cool looking so I'll probably end up giving it to her

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