Saturday, February 4, 2017

FOUNDATION | Make Up For Ever MUFE Water Blend

Natural looking
Large bottle
Easy to blend
Good color selection

Sheer coverage 
Doesn't do anything for my large pores (although it doesn't make it worse, which is always good)

Doesn't help with oily skin

$43 for 1.69 oz

The texture's pretty similar to the MUFE Face and Body foundation (review here), kinda watery but easy to blend. The biggest improvement MUFE made with Water Blend is the color selection. My Face and Body was the lightest color they offered that wasn't pink but was way too dark for my complexion.
I'm not really sure if there's much of a difference between the old version and this new version, but it gives a nice sheen to your skin and covers minor redness. As you can tell I have some spots/scars going on so I will have to use concealer if I planned to be photographed that day. But all in all a worthy purchase. I don't really wear foundation but on the days I feel like it, it's a nice pick me up.

I'm not sure why people say this is long wearing. Due to its sheer coverage, I don't really worry about the makeup lifting or something but it definitely doesn't stay looking the same throughout the day.

If I'm ever going to run out, yes.

Would I recommend it?

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