Saturday, April 8, 2017

BB CREAM | Shangpree Crystal BB Cream

Natural looking
Good coverage
Very easy to blend

Supposed to have skin soothing ingredients
Not paraben free

Only 1 color

$47+ for 1.69 oz / 50 g

Excuse my surge of base products the past few posts; whenever I break out I tend to look for new ones that I think will hide the breakouts. I came upon the Shangpree one on a list of BB creams good for acne. Apparently Shangpree is a high end spa in South Korea, and this BB cream is used on their clients after their facials. Presumably it doesn't clog your pores if it's used after a facial. On Peach and Lily it's actually $67, but I found it on Ebay for about $47.
If you've used BB creams before, you'll notice most of them have some kind of SPF. The Shangpree one has nothing on the packaging, but the ingredients list includes titanium dioxide, and I did some research - it does have sun protection ingredients, but it's not marketed as such because you need an adequate amount of BB cream to get the sun protection on the label, which goes for any foundation that has SPF, really.

This might be the best BB cream I've ever used, but it is a bit expensive. Luckily 50 g will last me forever (I never even used up my L'egere BB cream [review here], which was my favorite for a long time until it was discontinued)

Yes, actually. But it'll be a while until I can use this whole thing up

Would I recommend it?

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