Thursday, May 18, 2017

LIPSTICK | Tatcha Cherry Blossom Lipstick

$55 for 3.7 g
As you can see the packaging is quite elaborate and high quality. I have two other Tatcha products and they're all like this. The weight of the lid is quite heavy in a luxurious way, but this lipstick is basically all packaging. The lipstick itself is very mediocre
It's not super matte but it's not dewy either, I am kind of sad the surface is ruined after using it once. I would only buy this if you're a lipstick connoisseur/hoarder/collector

Excuse the chapped lips, but the Maybelline lipsticks perform pretty well even if my lips are dry


  1. Ahhh,I thought about getting one but Tatcha never makes a color I wear though...(Plus I don't like their marketing). I enjoy looking at the packaging...

    Speaking of which, I think Too Faced is coming up with some lipstick that look like tatcha knockoff (but cuter) . I saw them on the founder's instagram and I think I will hoard that one instead.

    1. Really?? I definitely need to look out for that

    2. is this the one you're talking about??

  2. Yup, I thought the copy was kind of blatant .Too Faced has pretty decent product and packaging quality too...


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