Friday, June 23, 2017

ESSENCE | Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence + Corgi Butt Coin Purse

This essence has a relatively watery texture
I've been using it as a toner and in the beginning, my skin had a stronger glow to it upon application. If you guys read my foundation reviews (see the most recent one here), I always show you the before. That's how my skin generally looks (as it gets oily throughout the day) but my friend mentioned that my skin seems glowy compared to hers. I think it's all in exfoliation and moisturizing.
Now, a few months later, I don't really notice a difference as much as before, but I continuously use it as it does not irritate my skin as much as SK II (which gave me little bumps, so sad).

$13.99 for 155 ml (5.16 oz)

I'm going to try the Missha Essence next, but this one is decent for the price, I got it from MemeBox here when it was on sale. I think the reason I found it was on someone's blog? I forget if it was Citrine
There's also a rose version here, but I like to try new products too much to repurchase the same thing :P


Random product I found
One of my friends opened an online dog product shop. I don't own a dog (unfortunately) but they have merchandise for humans too. Isn't this corgi butt coin purse just freakin adorable?!

There's a neck headrest too
May or may not have purchased both


  1. Nah, wasn't me (never saw these in person)...Anyway, I have been using missha first treatment essence and it doesnt seem to do anything (and it's running out fast as toner). Back to thayer rose water and giant kikumasamune I went...

    1. Aw boo. My coworker said that too but I'm curious bc it is so famous. My roommate loves the Thayer's rose toner! think it's important to switch products up from time to time since products lose their effectiveness


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