Saturday, November 27, 2010

Double eyelid clip?

Hi everyone, so I forgot where I saw this from... But

Those are double eyelid clips. As you may or may not know/have noticed, I actually have hooded lids, and every morning for the past year (probably more), my left eye's been turning into a double lid

And occasionally when I don't get enough sleep, my right eye will turn like that too, as pictured above.
The left eyelid stays for a couple of hours, while the right lid goes away right after I splash my face with water, sometimes the 2nd time I blink. It sounds strange... But it really does happen, lol.
There was one time my right eyelid stayed like that for the entire day, which I thought was incredible.

I like how double lids look, makes the eyes look bigger, eyeliner actually shows up... etc

Anyway, I bought this double eyelid clip because wherever I saw it at said that if you clip your eyelids 5 mins a day, it will eventually turn into a double lid. For only $0.99 on Ebay including shipping, I tried it.

Will update soon with pictures :)

Oh and as you can see in the picture I also got the Brush Guards. The other day I was watching MichellePhan's brush cleaning video and just decided to get them. They don't help the brushes dry too much... Then again that day right after I washed my brushes, the rain decided to visit.

Till next time

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