Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ebay haul

Hi everyone,
I've recently been buying stuff on Ebay, it's not exactly one category, so I'll just show you what it is.

$7.98 with free shipping, 10 criss-cross lashes
The Revlon false lashes I've tried look super freaky on in real life, and I hear these types of criss-cross lashes look more natural, so I thought I'd try them, wear it for pictures? :)

Came with free eyelid/eyelash glue

$1.00 for 10 pairs
$1.19 shipping
Shipped from Asia (I forget either Hong Kong or Taiwan)

Eyelid tape
I honestly don't know what brand this is, if you live in Asia you might?
My right eye has officially turned into a double lid (pictures to be included in another blogpost) so my right eye looks significantly bigger now, and I'm trying to make my left eye look like that too. Silly I know but...
There's 3 types, one for heavy eyemakeup, one for moderate, one for light
$9.33 (5.99 GBP Great Britain Pound?) with free shipping

Okay, I forgot that I didn't get this on Ebay... But I thought I'd include it in here anyway
This is from Etsy, and I have to say... I don't plan on purchasing anything from there anytime soon.
Swarovski heart crystal with antique-looking detail and sparrows
I thought this looked gorgeous in the picture, but I could only wear with this a dress or something, too formal :(
$3 for shipping

Moon-shaped swarovski crystal
$4.90 for shipping
... And I just found out the seller lowered the price to $2.99, lucky me.

Hello Kitty bracelet
$0.99 with free shipping
Not real jewelry of course with that price, it's actually a little too short for my wrists, feels tight on. I don't have thick wrists... At least I don't think so, so the length is a little off on this.

Don't you love the detail of my new camera?

Velcro hair holding
Very popular in Asia for bangs or just to keep hair out of your face
$1.99 with free shipping for 2

That's all for now,
I have a bunch of posts piled up right now but I won't spam your subscription box all at once.

Till next time :)

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