Thursday, January 6, 2011

More Revlon displays

Hi everyone,
These might actually be a bit older than the one I posted, but I never saw this in my store before

Revlon Photoready cream foundation - apparently it's very sheer, I recently watched this video about HD makeup on YT and gossmakeupartist said that HD is basically "sheer coverage" b/c the camera picks it up better, I guess none of the people who have bad skin (myself included) would get away with HD foundations, bleh.
Revlon Photoready concealer (looks like the ColorStay lipsticks)

Revlon CustomEyes mascara - adjustable brush, seems like the Almay Dial-Up mascara?
Revlon CustomEyes shadow & liner - looks interesting, colors don't intrigue me that much though
Revlon Luxurious Color smoky crayon - the original Luxurious eye pencils were very smudge, I assume these would be as well

As much as I love Revlon, the new things they've come out with aren't that interesting to me, but maybe one of them will be worth raving about

Till next time :)

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