Monday, January 31, 2011

Review & Swatches: Sally Girl eyeshadows

From L to R
Champagne, Snow, Teal, Mauve

Taupe, Orange Crush

- Inexpensive (see price)
- Good color selection
- Can be put together to make a "palette"

- Inconsistent textures, some shadows are pigmented while others are sheer
- Could be powdery/chalky

If you're just getting into eyeshadow, these are worth a try since they're only $1 a pop, even cheaper if you have a Sally's Beauty card. My favorite is Snow, great as an inner corner highlight. If you're tanner then Champagne could be a good highlight as well, but I feel it's not as pigmented as snow. 
Taupe is actually kind of creamy but doesn't give too much color on the lid, just helps blending a little bit. 
I liked Teal for a while but I've stopped wearing color altogether unfortunately. 
Orange Crush is nice for a golden sheen n just a bit of orange but not very bright if that's what you wanted.
Mauve is a nice lid color, not too pigmented.

As you can tell, the colors are hit or misses, but since they're so cheap it's not too bad. Check MUA before buying a certain color you're interested in. (You need an account to read the reviews though)

Just Snow.

$1 for 1.2 g


  1. Not that bad for $1! Snow looks great for the inner lid! Orange Crush looks like a cute color too. Awww, the Taupe one's kind of disappointing; I love mah taupes! ;D

  2. @ Maggie I know right! I love Snow it's the only one I actually use these days. And yeah, there are definitely better taupes out there


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