Monday, April 11, 2011

Clarisonic Mia: Week 4

Hi everyone,
I have been using my Clarisonic Mia for a little over 4 weeks, I would've updated earlier but I've been a little busy with school.

Cleanser: Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash in Pink Grapefruit, Purpose cleanser in the morning, if my skin doesn't look/feel too oily
"Treatment": Aloe vera gel (forgot the brand, but it's clear, got it at Walmart for $4)
Morning moisturizer: Garnier Moisture Rescue UV Lotion (if I'm going out), Merlot Night Cream if I'm staying home
If you have a good day cream/moisturizer to recommend, definitely let me know!
Night moisturizer: Cetaphil cream on cheeks, Neutrogena Acne Defense lotion for nose & forehead, Pond's Flawless White Night treatment for chin, since my chin is slightly tanner than the rest of my face

I still don't have pictures for my skin right now, but my lower face isn't looking too good (idk why but the term "lower face" makes me laugh, so strange, lol)

Most of my forehead is smooth at this time, with the except of my right temples, there are still colorless bumps going down that side of my face, not sure what caused it b/c I've changed my pillow case several times.

The skin texture on my cheeks have always been smooth, other than the cystic acne breakouts that leave scars. I still don't see much improvement, except now on the lower cheeks I have breakouts. I usually never break out in that area.

I have the largest pores and most frequent blackheads in this area, and I honestly saw no difference... My blackheads are the same as if I had manually washed my face with my hands. Not impressed in this area.
In the area right next to the undereye (area A), near the top of the nose bridge, I was getting little bumps (milia) there, but it seems to be getting slightly better
I also have sebhorric dermatitis (Area B, flaky, red skin) on the right side of my nose, nothing too exciting there, still about the same

The skin texture on my chin has never been bad, except for the occasional breakout randomly every few months or so, nothing here.

Those are my thoughts on the Mia after the 4th week
Is it worth $149? Eh. Not to me.

I will let you guys know if my skin improves from using a different cleanser or something, for now I will diligently use this until I have to change the brush head. Although I don't think it's amazing I don't want to return it, I'd like to see if it really makes a difference; if it doesn't... Unfortunate for me that I can't get my money back.

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