Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Online goodies

Skin79 BB cream (hot pink) $9.99 on Ebay
You might remember my posting on the cylinder packaging version of this a while back; turns out it was a fake =/ so I ordered this one from an authorized seller (rubyruby76, bubzbeauty on Youtube recommended her when she did her review of the Missha BB cream)

L'egere White Multi All in One BB cream ($20 on Ebay)
Heard about it from fuzkittie, quite expensive but... If it works it's worth it

Mascara applicator device ($2 or less on Ebay?)

Pond's Flawless White Night Treatment ($20.15 on Ebay)
Youtube is such an enabler -_- saw this in MszJackieChu's video and it's supposed to help with lightening scars. Maybe it would work better with the cleanser and whatnot but I have enough cleansers as it is

Kiss My Face Eye Repair Creme ($12.26 + shipping on Amazon)
I saw really good reviews of this on Makeupalley, and there're no stores near me that sells Kiss My Face skincare (I've seen mostly body care) so I ordered this online. It's actually pretty good considering it has organic ingredients; the fine lines near the inner corner of my eyes look much more diminished, but it doesn't seem super moisturizing and when I apply concealer on my undereye it still looks cakey =/

Also got the HK iPod touch 4 case on Ebay for around $7, I think this is much more adorable as opposed to those silicone cases


  1. Aaw I can't believe they still sell fakes of bb creams! How annoying >:( Whenever I watch youtube or read blogs my purse starts to hurt because you always want to buy stuff LOL Would you let us know how you get on with the Pond's Flawless white cream plz? ;)

  2. @ KawaiiFreakxXx I know right, ughh lol a waste of $8. I will blog about it after I use it more :)


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