Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Angry Hello Kitty Quilted Bag

Slight blue mark unfortunately, I'll have to find out how to clean it or maybe ask the seller to help

I purchased it for $46.80 on Amazon
If you're reading this a long time after I had posted this, the price will probably vary

I saw it in the Sanrio store for $59.50 and it's on Baghaus for $65, so I got it for a pretty good deal ^^
If any of you follow Kandeejohnson on Youtube, last year or maybe even longer ago she showed a bag with the original Hello Kitty face
There's also a black one available but I kind of wish it had silver metallic print instead of pink, which is much more me.

Do you like these types of bags? Or do you find them too juvenile?
Let me know :)


  1. I admit to being juvenile, I ADORE these kind of bags haha xD I have a large one and it's very cute and it holds so much, I tend to use them for shopping or gym :D

  2. @ KawaiiFreakxXx Haha I know right! I'm planning to use this for school and going out as well :)


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