Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Review: Revlon Scented nail polish

Mad About Mango
Orange-y coral

Peach Smoothie
Peachy nude with golden shimmer
To me, it's about the same color as Revlon Nude Attitude but with shimmer
After trying to remove it, I find that the glitter/shimmer in this color was hard to get off

Are they really scented?

I actually caught a sniff of the Mad About Mango as I was painting my nails. It smells exactly like the Stride gum in a yellow orange packaging (I tried looking it up on the Stride website but it wasn't there)

They both smell artificial, but Peach Smoothie doesn't smell like peaches at all, kind of a faint candy smell but not something I would eat. They both kind of remind me of fruity gum. The scent fades after a few days, I was surprised that it still smelled after you put a top coat, wonder how that works.

Now to the quality of the nail polish, they're kind of thin and you need about 3 coats to make it completely opaque, but sometimes 2 coats could do it.
The wear isn't anything amazing, but not bad. It chipped after 4 days.

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