Thursday, August 4, 2011

Review: E.L.F. Mineral eyeshadow primer

Swatched without blending

Top: With primer
Bottom: Bare skin

I'm not sure if the picture captured it, but the primer seemed to change the color ever so slightly, making it more bronze-y brown than coppery brown.

- Neutralizes eyelid slightly
- Enhances color
- Good value
- Helps with anti-creasing

- Changes color slightly with peachy tone
- Not easily accessible (haven't seen it at Target yet)

I was convinced to buy this after xteeener had mentioned it a comparison video with the Urban Decay primer potion. I own both and the E.L.F. Mineral eyeshadow primer creases earlier than the UDPP, but holds up pretty well considering it's $3. After blending it in, I noticed it has a peachy tone to it, which kind of neutralizes the lid. However, I'm not sure I liked how this changed the color ever so slightly, but for $3 it is pretty good.
After the NYX HD eyeshadow base review I realized that the creasing pictures were weren't that helpful, so I didn't take any for this review.

Would I recommend it?
If you don't mind ordering online, this is a decent eye primer.

$3 for ~0.20 oz / 6 ml
Found on E.L.F. website


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