Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mini-Haul (non beauty related)

If you watch MissGlamorazzi on Youtube, she has been talking about wrap bracelets quite a lot. I don't care so much for all the colorful ones she has, but I am interested in the concept. I saw this on sale at American Eagle for $19.99 (and my AE had a 40% off promotion on top of that) so I got this for $11.99 + tax. I like how simple and clean this is, and I love white.
I used to wear watches ALL the time in elementary school, then stopped in middle school when PE required us to not wear any accessories. Not many people uses watches these days other than a fashion accessory, but I like this quite a bit.

My friend actually said wrap bracelets were popular in the 80s, go figure.

What it looks like on the other side. There's a dirt mark, but I was too lazy to exchange it when I realized, any idea what I can clean this with?
The strap is polyurethane according to AE online, if that means anything to anyone

You can adjust the watch part along the strap, which is great because I didn't want the watch and the 3-snap closure to be on the surface.
If you're interested in these, check out your local American Eagle or online here, they don't have white though -_- bummer

Flats from Target (I want to call them moccasins for some reason, is that the name?)
I never really cared for this style before because I thought it looks kind of tacky, but they're less formal than my leather flats that I've been constantly wearing.

Sock mark! Eek.

Side view, as you can see it has a nice padding

Lastly, $5.80 sunglasses from Forever 21! These totally remind me of Lauren Conrad. Will post pictures of how it looks on when I'm wearing makeup, lol. My skin is still spotty as always -_- 
If you follow me on Twitter, you might've read this already, but I've decided to make peace with my acne. Instead of drying my skin out like crazy and still not being able to get rid of pimples, I'm just going to moisturize so makeup actually looks good and not flaky when I try to hide a pimple.

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