Saturday, September 24, 2011

Korean Skincare: Prizes from cl2425's giveaway

In case you don't know who cl2425 is, she is a blogger and Youtuber who makes makeup tutorials (many Asian celebrity inspired)
She had a small giveaway of Korean products and apparently I "won" by

Innis Free Green Tea Pure Lotion samples (5 ml each)
Innis Free Green Tea Pure Skin (5 ml, it looks like a scrub?)
The Face Shop Black Head Ex Nose Clay Mask (50 g)
Hanskin Annapre Perfect Veil Luxury Makeup Base SPF 15 PA+ in Green (45 ml)

The packaging reminds me of the new SKIN79's Hot Pink BB cream, but of course with different colors. This is a makeup base that's supposed to brighten and even the skin tone, we'll see how that works out :)

Have you heard of any of these brands?
Let me know in the comments if you have heard of or even own any products from these brands, I'd love to know :)
I've only heard of Hanskin and The Face Shop, and not that much about them at that.

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