Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Review: CoverGirl LashExact Waterproof mascara

I just noticed I have a weirdly long eyelash in the inner corner of my eye, what's up with that?
Someone commented that my lashes look like spider legs a while ago... I guess I can try to do a better job of curling them? It's not easy with straight lashes, people!

- Defining
- Minimal or no clumping
- Holds a curl well
- Rubber bristles (con for some)

- Not volumnizing
- Not too lengthening
- Smudges with too many coats

$5-8 for 0.13 oz / 4 ml
This is only a little more than half the amount in typical mascaras, which is 7 ml ... Strange, but you probably wouldn't run out unless you use a ton of it anyway.

Overall: B-
As with all mascaras, everyone's experience is difference since we all have different type hairs. I would consider my lashes normal thickness and decent length (for an Asian anyway). As expected, the waterproof formula holds up my curl very well... However, this smudges way too much for a waterproof mascara. All mascaras smudge on me one way or another, but I would've expected this one to fare better considering it wasn't even that volumnizing. I do notice that if I put just one coat on it smudges less, and putting a light powder underneath my eyes does help.
If you are looking for a mascara that will define your lashes, this is a nice one to try but don't expect much length or volume. If you have straight lashes like me, this will probably hold your curl very well, unlike most washable mascaras.
Because of the way my eyes are shaped... I need to try one of those fiber mascaras or something that wouldn't smudge on me.

CoverGirl is my favorite drugstore mascara brand because their formula isn't too wet or dry, but I wonder how their other waterproof mascaras smudge on me...


On a side note, I am loving this song!

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