Saturday, September 17, 2011

Review: Garnier Nutritioniste Moisture Rescue UV Lotion SPF 15

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Blended out

Blended in
Hard to tell here, but on the face it leaves a slight dewy finish

It has a lot of claims for such inexpensive moisturizer, but I do like that it's supposed to have apple water extract because I love apples... Although I don't really see how it would help your skin much.

- Moisturizing
- Lightweight
- SPF 15
- Didn't break my combo-oily skin out
- Good value

- Contain parabens
- Leaves a dewy finish on skin (pro for some)
- Slight white-cast at first
- Artificial fruit scent (pro for some)

$5-8 for 4.5 oz / 133 ml

Overall: B+
I used this as my facial moisturizer for several weeks or possibly months before I got bored and wanted to branch out and try the Merlot SPF 15 moisturizer (review here). Now I just use the Garnier as a moisturizer for my neck and, occasionally, hands. This is a decent facial moisturizer for normal/dry to oily skin types, but I feel like because of the dewy finish, it doesn't absorb into my skin completely, and also doesn't make a good base for makeup. I'm sure people with drier skin would appreciate the dewy finish, but my skin already gets dewy enough by the end of the day.

Probably not.

Have you tried this or the gel-cream that's supposed to be really great?
What did you think of it?
Let me know in the comments :)


  1. I have a night cream I need to finish up so I got this instead of the gel cream. The moisture part was nice and soothing (but I don't really need it, as my skin is normal/fine the way it is) but the SPF15 was a little funny. I wore it out for around 30 minutes and went I got home, my face appeared to be 3 shades darker...I guess I will keep it for winter time instead.

  2. Wow, I never tried testing that out, so much for SPF 15 lol. Here I was putting it on my neck hoping my neck would eventually become the same shade as my face... Next!


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