Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Review: Jane Be Pure Mineral gel eyeliner

Swatched                     After rubbing

- Creamy (before it dries out)
- Decent pigmentation
- Wears well

- Jar could be more airtight

Jane is now discontinued from drugstores, but you could probably still find them on clearance at select stores.  I've also seen them a local Nordstrom Rack. They are currently on sale at Hautelook here as I tweeted, if you're ordering from Hautelook anyway, I highly recommend this! [FYI: I am not sponsored by Hautelook in anyway, I was just really excited to see this on the Hautelook website]
If you decide to order from Hautelook, you must try the Jane Blushing Cheeks blushes! Best drugstore blushes ever. If I wasn't broke I'd order all the colors -_-
This is better than the L'Oreal HiP creme liner in terms of flaking, but Wet n Wild's creme liner is still a bit better in terms of staying power.

$6 for 0.17 oz / 5.0 g

No, but only because the Wet n Wild one is amazing.


  1. I have heard that the essence gel liner is also pretty good (not to mention they have plenty of fun colors) and only would be the next on my to-try list. I have this as well, but it dries out too quickly for me and isn't as dark compared to Wet n Wild

  2. @ Citrine Ooh, I am going to try out the Essence gel liner some time too :)


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