Saturday, October 15, 2011

Jewelmint Hayden Necklace

How it looks when it came in
Below: Picture from Jewelmint website

In person, this is much cheaper-looking than I would've thought.
The pendant is also kind of heavy, which wouldn't bother me if the pendant actually looked nice.

A rare picture of my whole face, as you can tell I have sooo many bumps and acne and whatever. *le sigh*


  1. Aww what a gorgeous piece!
    I love the packaging!

  2. @ arsyparsy thanks! I swear it doesn't look as good in real life though -_-

  3. Yesterday, I bought lot of stone from web and make earing from your blog idea. My sister like and today is her first day of collage, and wear that with matching dress.
    Waxman Mosaics & Waxman


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