Thursday, October 13, 2011

Product Wishlist 2011

Hi everyone,
Sorry to disappoint those who were expecting a review, but I felt like posting a wishlist post today.

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At the top of my list:
1. Make Up Forever Face & Body foundation ($38)
I've been eyeing the MAC Face & Body foundation for quite some time, but I realized, after reading numerous blogposts and seeing reviews, that it gives minimum to no coverage... Which is not ideal for my acne scars. I've heard that the MUFE one gives more coverage and actually looks better, so maybe at the Sephora Annual Friends & Family sale...

2. Naruko Tea Tree Oil line
For those of you who haven't heard of Naruko, it is brand of skincare developed by a famous Taiwanese skincare guru. I am not Taiwanese, but it reached my ears from Fuzkittie on Youtube, who has amazing skin. Although the Body Shop has a tea tree line, I feel like skincare developed by Asians are probably more suitable for Asians, like myself. These products are also supposed to be paraben free and cruelty free.
People who have relatives in Taiwan are in luck, because prices in the US (the picture is a screenshot from their US website) are up to $10 USD higher than what you pay for in Asia. These prices probably compete with Clinique a little bit, and after Naruko launched their US website, the prices on Asian beauty store sites and on Ebay shot up, go figure.

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3. Shiseido Extra Smooth Sun Protection Lotion SPF 38 ($34)
You're probably thinking, sunblock... In the fall?
Truth be told, I've also been eyeing this since spring of this year, but I ended up getting the tube packaging for the face instead. While I love that one, this is a bit more liquidy, and I am planning to get these sunblocks as a staple and double as a face primer, since they do kind of control the oils on my face.

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4. MAC Studio Fix concealer ($21)
Didn't this used to be like $16? Maybe my memory fails me.
Anyway, I've heard about this a lot for covering acne, and I might actually purchase this now that I am back to working at Macy's. I don't care for the SPF 35 though, since I will only be using this on my pimples.

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5. Bare Minerals Blemish Therapy ($18)
I've been hearing about this more and more, and although Bare Minerals is a bit pricey, I can actually see myself getting some use out of this.

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6. Tarte Lip Surgence Collection ($29)
Like all the other products, I've been eyeing these lipstains for quite some time, but couldn't justify paying $24 for one. This may be my perfect chance to try some out, although I only see one or two colors as colors I would wear... We shall see.

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7. MAC Lightful Deep Ultra Moisture Creme ($46.50)
Priciest single item on the list, but I heard from MszJackieChu on Youtube that this is an excellent moisturizer and primer if you're going to wear foundation. I doubt I'll actually get this any time soon, but just putting it out there for those who can afford it.

I need to talk myself out of things these days, because out of all the things on this list, the one I really need would probably be the Naruko skincare.
However, I am in the process of saving up for a car, so I really need to cut these unnecessary purchases out... We'll see how that actually goes, as most of my older followers probably know my inability to not haul *cough cough*

What are products on your wishlist? I'd love to know.


  1. I'm totally with you on the Tarte Lip Surgense set. I'm waiting for Sephora's Friends n' Family sale though...It's happening 10/22-11/2

  2. @ Tao Oh wow that's coming up pretty soon, thanks for the heads up!


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