Saturday, October 29, 2011

Review: Physician's Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 powder foundation

Shown in Natural Beige
Physician's Formula face powders often have "Translucent [insert color here]" or just "[insert color here]." So double check when you want heavier coverage. For a non-translucent powder foundation, I am not impressed by the coverage, although powder foundations tend to give less coverage anyway. I prefer my Pur Minerals foundation over this (review linked here)

- Good oil control
- Feels light on the skin
- Not powdery when you dip a brush in

- Slightly tacky packaging
- Light coverage (pro for some)
- Limited color selection

$10-15 for 0.34 oz / 9.6 g

I noticed that this is great for oil control. On an 85+ degree day in which I did a lot of walking (and sweating), at the end of the day my skin did not look as oily as it usually does if I'm just sitting at home with no makeup on. I am impressed by the oil-control, but the coverage leaves something to be desired.
Some people might think the orange and hot pink combo is cute, but to me it is tacky - I would feel childish taking it out of my purse to touch up (although, for the record, I've never touched up on my face or eye makeup o.o I've only blotted my face or remove smudges). At least the mirror is finally at a practical place.
After seeing nouveaucheap (blogger) rave about this powder foundation, I have to say I'm mildly disappointed. Then again, she has no real spots to cover. I did purchase this on a 40% off sale and the packaging included a free bronzer in the same line, so I won't complain too much.
FYI, I didn't put the SPF 50 in pros or cons because, as I've written several times before, you only get the full SPF if you put a generous amount on, as you would a sunblock. Since most people want to avoid cakey-ness with makeup, it doesn't really give you the full sun protection.

I nearly forgot to mention this, but as usual Physician's Formula has only 4 shades, two translucent and two regular. However, this foundation runs very light, I almost bought the creamy natural, which is what I usually use, but it looked way too pale.


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  1. such cute packaging! I am a sucker for cute packaging!!


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