Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Review: Origins Vitazing SPF 15 moisturizer

Unfortunately, my skin hasn't improved due to lack of sleep... There are so many scars from pimples -_-
But the moisturizer does give just the slightest tint of color

- Slight tint
- SPF 15
- Squeeze tube packaging
- Moisturizing but not heavy

- Expensive

$35 for 1.7 oz

Mine is a sample size that I got with a purchase (pretty generous of them actually, 1 oz is over half of the actual product size). I've been using it whenever I am going to be out and about.
I am pleasantly surprised that my t-zone doesn't seem to get as oily when I use this, as opposed to the Merlot Grapeseed moisturizer I was using. Also, when I tried this in the store, the tint seemed way too orange for my skin tone. Yet when I actually applied it, the tint gave me a nice slightly darker color, not orange at all.

If you don't have much flaws on your face, this could even double as a tinted moisturizer.

As far as the energy boosting part goes, the moisturizer doesn't really feel like anything on my skin, but this has a very faint fragrance. Not sure if it really wakes me up but it's not too strong or anything.

Maybe. If I don't find a better SPF moisturizer

Would I recommend it?
Not in particular

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