Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cute Bags!

Hello Kitty white handbag ($65 retail)
I've seen this at the Sanrio stores before, but my Macy's recently put these on display and if any of you shop at Macy's, you know how much discounts & couponing there is available (esp compared to Sanrio's no discount coupon whatsoever prices)
Unfortunately you can't put this on your shoulder, but it's quite roomy and I've been carrying this everywhere

I would say the bow gets annoying sometimes because if the handle is down, the bow touches the ground. One of these days I'll probably remove it because tightening it doesn't work

Hello Kitty Nerd backpack ($40 retail)
I thought this was adorable, but my mom says it's ugly and wants me to return it.
Buuut, I am keeping it to use it for school in the fall hehe :)

The material seems easy to clean since the finish is glossy, can't wait to use it!

Small crossbody bag from Aldo ($35 retail)
I didn't actually buy this, but I thought it was so adorable! If it was a little bigger and fit my wallet (I have one of those long rectangular wallets) I just might've purchased it
There was a bigger version of it but there was too much nude and not enough black. Maybe we'll see in Aldo's next release (I had no idea they had so much cute stuff!)

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