Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cute things I purchased recently (Hello Kitty, MK, Betsy Johnson, etc.)

White Hello Kitty backpack ($40 retail)
Saw this at Macy's, I think it's cuter than the nerd backpack so I exchanged it since it was unused anyway, pretty happy about that :)
Plus it was on sale for $20, score! (I suspect this white gets dirty/yellow easily though... oh well)

Michael Kors large wristlet ($98)
I've been eyeing this print for the longest time but didn't get it because they wouldn't go on sale. We finally had a discount the other day, 15% off... So I got this small one. Their wallets with this print are $138 or $158 depending on which one you get... Crazy! I could buy several purses with that. I do love this print though :) plus I don't have bags this small so it's not completely useless, hehe.

Betsy Johnson bangles ($35 retail)
I actually don't care too much for the shimmery whatever they glued on the gold-tone bangle, but the white one matches my Anne Klein watch that I posted a picture of here and these were on sale for $12.25 for both (plus the Macy's coupon and my discount it's about $8.50)
However, these are very flimsy and the white one keeps falling off my wrist. Do NOT recommend unless it's uber on sale like I got it for

Tofu plush phone holder ($1.30 on Ebay)
I only have a few words to say about this...
Y U So Cute?! :)

Winnie the Pooh retractable iPhone USB cord
I got the Pooh retractable USB cord on the left, it's actually a little short so I can only charge it when I have an outlet on the table like at school, oh well
It was on Ebay for like $5.66 including shipping? It was $14.99 at the store though, some Asian boutique stores are craaazy.

Gray circle lenses ($22.90 at CandyLens)
I got these from, which seem to be the least expensive brand that I've seen including shipping. They also have coupon codes that you can look up on Retail Me Not.
I lost my brown ones somewhere, and these are slightly smaller in circumference (14mm instead of 14.5mm I think) so they look a lot more natural. I look a lot less freaky with these on, hehe.

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