Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Jewelry: Jewelmint Summer Mystery Bag

Hello everybody,
Sooo I ordered the Jewelmint Mystery Bag a week ago since I'm not sure when my credits expire (and I always feel like $30 is too much for one piece so I love these types of deals). 
Surprisingly, they sent me 3 pieces this time (the last time I got two pieces, see what I got here)

Tiger Cabochon Ring
Left: Worn on middle finger
Right: Worn on index finger

 This is actually a really neat ring, I don't have anything like it. It is an antique silver tone though so I am not sure what I'll wear it with as of now (let me know if you have any ideas!). I got it in a size 8 (which is what I usually get) but it seems a bit big?


I will most likely wear the Steampunk earrings the most often out of these three pieces. 
You can take off the "gear charms" if you want and I love hoop earrings.

Top row: Steampunk earrings
Bottom row: Thunderbird earrings (more red in real life)
 I remember hollyannaeree talking about the Thunderbird earrings, and they looked nice on her.
To be honest, the plastic on Thunderbird seems kind of cheap in person, although it is a very unique piece and the color will definitely spice up your outfit. 

Questions for everyone:
Do you guys like any of these pieces? Did you order any Jewelmint pieces lately that you like?
And if you ordered the mystery bag, what did you get and did you like it?
Let me know!

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