Saturday, July 7, 2012


I was recently hired in the Handbags department of Macy's, so I've been paying more attention to jewelry and accessories. After seeing what my coworkers wear I was quite intrigued about the idea about getting a watch (I haven't worn watches since junior high)
But since watches at Macy's aren't exactly cheap... I've purchased three so far, hopefully I don't become obsessed and end up spending hundreds on some crazy expensive brand.

Anne Klein Gold and Ivory watch ($65)
Linked here if you are interested
I really like the white on watches and have been looking for a gold or rose gold watch with white running down the band. This is probably the least expensive one I found that has a face that I like (some Style & Co ones I've seen have "ugly" faces in my opinion)

My coworker also told me that Anne Klein has good quality watches, so I am happy about this purchase :) although now I am thinking about getting a gold necklace or earring that matches this... Hmm

Michael Kors Rose Gold Gunmetal tone watch ($112)
I really wanted a rose gold tone with white ceramic watch, but it seems like other than DKNY no one has a style like that right now. I found this watch at Nordstrom Rack for only $112 (MK watches are usually $250) so I thought it was a pretty good deal

Style & Co silver watch ($29.98)
This is a very unisex style, my mother thought it was a man's watch at first, but I really like the face and how you can actually tell the time. I've been into these chunkier metal watches (esp these kinds because it's easy to take off)

DKNY Rose Gold watch ($275)
This caught my eye when I first saw it, but anything over $100 is out of the question for me. Just thought I'd put this in here 'cos I like the rose gold


  1. I like the first one (and how it matches your nail polish)...I haven't worn watched since 8th grade but sometime a nice one with skinny black leather strap can make a vintage dress look so much dressier.

  2. @ Citrine haha I think I am more into the metal links type bands right now, maybe someday I'll be into leather straps :)


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