Monday, July 15, 2013

Mint green everrrrythang (my most recent obsession)

Couldn't sleep a few nights ago and built this.
My most recent obsession, succeeding makeup (almost)
Some refer to the color as seafoam, I've seen it more as mint?
Different companies that sell products in this color have labeled it as aqua, or just green, lmk if you've seen other names xD (greatly appreciated to aid my search for more mint green items, not that I need anymore of course)

I've always liked mint green, but this spring it seems to have become the IT color and everyone and their grandma is making products in this color. Accessories, clothing, you name it.

Notable favorites include:
Forever21 makeup bag (only $7!) - for some reason, it makes me very happy because it's puffy
Hot Topic Mint Green sunglasses
Coach Legacy Penny crossbody
BCBG Peeptoe Pumps (haven't gotten to wear them out yet, but they're so cute! Got'em on clearance at Macy's)
Calvin Klein career dress (once again clearance at Macy's, one of the few benefits of working there)
Wet Seal mint green v-neck
Victoria's Secret mint green thermal ($12 during their semi-annual sale, whoo hoo! Surprisingly Cali is still cold this time of year, for a little bit anyway)

Mint milk green tea from Snowflake Teahouse in California
I don't know if I ever mentioned this on my blog, but I LOVE milk tea. Mostly green milk tea with fruit flavors but I like to branch out and try everything. Next time I go to SoCal I am definitely hitting up all the milk tea places there. <3
Oh also I do actually like mint flavored things, not just for the color LOL

Etude House Juicy Cocktail gradation nails kit (Ebay)
Glitter is extremely difficult to remove, tried it once unsuccessfully and haven't attempted since. As you can tell the base polishes are very sheer. I still need to work with the glitter more to make it look like a pretty gradation

Sunglasses from Hot Topic. Buy one get one 50% off
These are actually well-constructed, I used to buy sunglasses from NYS but their quality has deteriorated in recent years, never again!

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