Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Random Review: Eye Strain? Computer glasses

About two years ago, my eyes were getting really dry from constantly being on the computer or my phone, and I didn't want to depend on eye drops, so I looked into anything that would help with eye strain or dryness.

I read somewhere online that "computer glasses" exist, and is good for people who are on the computer constantly, and found some on Amazon. My first pair is in the following photo:

$38 on Amazon, still there if you look up computer glasses (as of July 2013)

These are SO worth it if you are on the computer constantly.
If you wear prescription-ed glasses, you can get the anti-glare feature on them for an additional cost. For me personally, I am nearsighted so I don't really need the prescription when I'm on a computer close up.

I've been wearing these every time I am on the computer, happy to say that my eyes are no longer dry, I can stand being on the computer for a longer period of time, and I think this is totally worth it for anyone who has a similar problem. Some people might say it's a placebo effect, but I never have to rub at my eyes now because they're dry. BUT, because it helps with eye strain doesn't mean it eliminates it. If you're on the computer for too long without moving around or looking around you will probably still have those symptoms, but more mild.

Amazon also has things that can cover your actual glasses if you wear glasses all the time, but I only wear prescription glasses when driving or in class so I got the anti-glare glasses.

After 2 years of use, the VS Eyewear ones in the 1st picture have become scratched up due to careless use and throwing it in my drawer of random things I don't clean that often (aka, the drawer underneath my desk), which affects my vision of the computer screen a little bit.
The other day, I randomly browsed on Amazon and found these: only $22! Larger lenses with a much more reasonable price in my opinion.

These Gamma Ray glasses are marketed for gamers, which makes sense since they spend much of their time in front of a TV or computer. This pair also has bigger lenses so I don't have to adjust the glasses on my face as much when looking at a larger screen or something up close.
As you can tell,  the lenses have an iridescent/rainbow quality to it which I think is supposed to help reflect the light from the LCD screen (the $38 has lenses are like that as well, the photo just didn't capture it in that lighting). I don't watch much TV but I think these help if you watch TV a lot too.

Iono about you guys, but I like the chic nerd look of these glasses. I've always wanted Wayfarer prescriptioned glasses but I haven't found any affordable ones that looks good on my relatively large face . Luckily I wear these glasses mostly at home so no one sees me in my less than attractive couch potato appearance.
I highly recommend looking into something like this if you're getting dry eyes or your eyes feel strained. I feel much better about reading and watching things on my laptop now. Hehe

I also saw online a brand named Gunnar sells computer eyewear for a much higher price, I am sure it's good quality but I am pretty happy with my $22 Gamma Rays from Amazon. If you search on Google, Walmart sells computer reading glasses too.

These glasses doesn't really change your eye sight, I was expecting to see no glare or something but depending on the brightness of your screen or your background light you will still see reflections. If you feel like it's no different at first, wear it for a week or two and then decide on returning (Amazon I think has a 1 month return policy depending on your seller?) It's really over a long period of time that I felt a difference in my eyes. 

NOTE: Don't forget to turn your brightness down as appropriate so you're not staring at a screen too bright for the dark room you're in, or vise versa. The contrast between the light on the computer and the room may also be a factor in why your eye is strained (more effort for your eyes to focus and adjust). I usually adjust mine so that it's not overly bright or dark.

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  1. This is such a great review! I've been looking for computer glasses for quite a while and the first pair were exactly the ones I was looking for!! Though, I'm sad to say, I may need a perscription for them! Ack!I'm not even 30! lol


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