Saturday, July 20, 2013

Splurge: Lolli Swimwear

Left: front
Middle: Alternative bottom for $59
Right: Back

Lolli swimwear
Top: $81
Bottom: $69

I saw this in one of RAEview's favorites and looked into this brand. The company is based in California, not sold in any national chains but I would say the quality is pretty good.
For a swimsuit, it is very expensive, not sold in any national chain stores as far as I know
After debating for 2 days, I cracked and got the neon green one with the tye-dye bow and bandeau top. I absolutely love it. To me it's worth the price (plus I've been working more). If you fancy having a different swimsuit that you probably won't see too many people with, this is definitely a novelty.
I would've gotten the bikini bottom instead of the booty shorts if they had my size. only had a S and a L while didn't even have that style. The booty shorts seem a little too revealing since it shows half your butt cheek, but the bow was too cute!

FYI: If you are intrigued, don't forget to look for coupons before you buy anything online. I purchased mine off, and Karmaloop has some if they have your size. They also have other cute colors which are worth considering but since it's so expensive, I would make sure that you go swim or tan or whatever a LOT before spending sooo much on a swimsuit.

I thought this was cute too but I like green more than blue

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