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HAUL | I'm Back from China! (Makeup and Skincare)

Hi everyone,

I went to study abroad in Beijing, China this past year (which is why I hadn't been posting for anyone who noticed my absence) and came back recently. China censors Google (and its subsidiaries such as Youtube, Blogger, etc.) and Facebook so it was difficult for me to post on Blogger.
Of course, can't go to Asia without bringing back some goodies, so here are the ones I purchased

Bolded items are the ones I like so far
Left to right (1st row)
Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB cream SPF 20 PA++
(I went through some horrible skin trouble in China, so now some of the pores near my nose are horribly large. This BB cream makes them look very obvious and unpleasant)
Suki blush in 03
Suki Eyeliner Cream in 03 Pure Black (I actually like this stuff, lasts longer than pretty much all gel/cream liners I've tried, it barely smudges)
Biore UV Aqua Rich SPF 50 PA+++
Biore UV Tint Milk SPF 30 PA++ in Light
Biore UV Perfect Milk SPF 50+ PA+++
Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery BB 3D Effect SPF 50 PA+++
(Incredibly thick and not really watery, I should probably mix this with a more watery sunblock or lotion)
Biore UV Aqua Rich Water base SPF 50+ PA+++
(Biore sunscreens are available in Mainland China and Taiwan, probably Japan too with different packaging.
I basically got the whole collection, which was a bad idea. The packaging intrigued me initially but my favorites out of these are the ones bolded. The rest are kind of dry without a moisturizer, so my skin gets oily very quickly. I noticed that with the watery milky sunscreen, my skin doesn't get as oily but if I wear foundation on top the texture of my skin is more exacerbated.
If anyone is interested in an in depth review, please let me know)

If you're familiar with Eastern Asian culture, you know they're all about being pale... there are quite a few whitening sunscreens out on the market that I didn't purchase.

(2nd row) 
Skinfood Sweet Almond Liquid eyeliner
Watsons My Party Gal mascara in Black
L'egere CC cream SPF 20 (not sure if anyone remembers but I used to LOVE the L'egere BB cream [discontinued] and decided to give the new CC creams a try. Will review soon but I'm not a fan)
Maybelline Pure Mineral BB creams
 - Clear moist
- Moisturizing SPF 25 PA++
(a bit thick, but good coverage)
- Water gel SPF 35 PA++
Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum gel foundation in 51 Vanilla Clair (I've seen this in Lisa Eldrige's videos many times, and in Taiwan this was much cheaper than in China so I tried it. Not in love but I do like it)
Hera UV Mist Cushion Summer Proof in C23
(not sure if it's really summer proof, but it's light coverage as far as I can tell)
Shu Uemura UV Underbase Mousse POREeraser SPF35 PA+++
(I've heard about this for quite some time, it is very expensive [I got it at the airport for about $70 for 2] but my cousin highly recommended it as a daily sunblock for face. I quite like it so far, it helps with pores and a bit with oilyness)

Once again, bolded items are my favorites
Habo Labo acne cleanser (good for winter, very creamy)
Uno Ultra Black face wash (heard about this from a girl named MszJackieChu on Youtube, it is a bit drying but cooling on the skin)
Uno Moist Clear Facewash (haven't even opened this yet, probably will save it for winter)
Biore makeup removing cleanser
Innisfree Apple cleanser (smells great, works ok. Apparently Innisfree is a good Korean skincare brand. They have so many lines I don't even know where to begin) 
Innisfree Green Tea BB cream (not pictured)
Just meh, I'll review it one of these days

Hanajirushi Amino Acid cleanser
Shiseido Perfect Milk cleanser (I also had the cream one of this, a little goes a long way to create a lot of foam)
Wanmei (Perfect) Aloe gel (there's no immediate evidence but I think this helps a lot with my breakouts)
Tony Moly Dr. Tony AC Control Serum (bought this while I had a bad breakout as well, it helps some)

Naruko Rose Aqua Cubic 
- Hydrating Emulsion
- Moisturizing Cleanser
(very thick texture that turns foamy, not cleansing enough for me at times) 
- Serum (not pictured) 
I bought this line during the winter because Beijing is incredibly dry

Naruko Appleseed and Tranexamic Acid
- Serum
- Toner
- Hydra Milk
(this line is supposed to help diminish discoloration and even out your skin. I don't see a significant difference but I believe it helps) I'm not sure why I keep buying the Naruko line, it doesn't seem to do wonders for me but maybe if I use it consistently I will see a difference.
Skinfood Peach Sake Silky Finish powder (smells pleasant and seems to control oil decently, definitely can't use too much or you end up with a white cast)

Naruko Raw Jobs' Tears
Pore minimizing & Brightening Night Gelly
Foaming wash
(Got this set to help with my enlarged pores, haven't seen a huge difference either but again, hope it helps after using it consistently for a while)
Heynature Pearl Label BB cream SPF 35 PA++
This brand for BB creams provides relatively thick coverage but always seems to break me out. I always fall for advertising schemes.

Of course, can't forget the sheet masks that are so popular.
I'll just mention the ones worth knowing
Skinfood Black Sesame Hot Mask 
This mask warms up on your skin as soon as you apply it and is supposed to be good for blackheads and pores. Your pores do look really clean when you wash the mask off, but I don't know about actually minimizing them just yet.
My Beauty Diary:
Japanese Cherry Blossom (brightening, clearing)
Snail mask
Hello Kitty Anti-Oxident & Oil Control Facial Mask
(bought these bc they're Hello Kitty, nothing special)
Naruko Rose Aqua Cubic hydrating mask
Dr. Morita Set Tyan Whitening Mask (Calming & Whitening)
(These masks were very soothing once you put it on, I recommend trying them if you see it)

And that's it for now
Have you tried any of these products? How do you like them?
Let me know if you have any interest in any items I mentioned

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