Tuesday, December 16, 2014

REVIEW | MAC Sheen Supreme lipstick in Gotta Dash!

Vanilla Scented

Can settle in the fine lines of your lips if not exfoliated well
Not super long wearing

$18 for 0.12 oz / 3.6 g
Whoaa inflation, I think I bought this for $14.50 or something at the time

This pale coral has quickly become one of my favorite lipsticks. I really enjoy orangy corals and this is great color for summer and spring.

I haven't really worn lipstick in a while so I've been lazy with exfoliation, and as you may see in the photo it settled in all the fine lines of my lips. I've never tried the classic lipsticks from MAC, but I really wanted this color from the line for the moisturizing aspect and the sheen. If you're into pale peachy corals I think this is worth getting, although it's not so unique that there's nothing like it on the market.


Would I recommend it?
Yes. I recently almost lost it and I was so sad I was going to buy a new one.

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