Thursday, January 15, 2015

REVIEW | Skinfood Sweet Almond Eyeliner

As you can see, NOT paraben-free

Please excuse my... I don't know what those are under my eyes. This is so close up it's scary

After 12 hours, it actually has good staying power if you use enough product, it becomes like a film strip on your eye and comes apart like how it looks on the cotton bud

Almond oil (supposedly good for your lashes or skin)
Firm brush applicator

Not super pigmented

As of Jan 2015
On Ebay it's $6.57 at the cheapest for 6 ml

As with most liquid liners you have to shake it before use (I forgot the first time I used it, and it came out kind of watery). I like the brush applicator, it's firm enough to control but not so hard it scratches your lids. However, this eyeliner is not very pigmented and it flakes in my eye after a few hours in (I kind of felt it flaking in my eye through out the day, I thought my eyes were just getting dry but it was actually this)
For the sake of not wasting it (also because I can't return it) I will use this up, but only if I'm going to be out for a few hours. The way this removes reminds me of the Maybelline Eye Studio eyeliner (review here) but the Maybelline one lasts longer.

If you're looking for a liquid eyeliner, I recommend looking elsewhere.
My favorite liner that I've tried from the drugstore is probably the Milani Infinite Liquid eyeliner, but I don't use it unless I am out all day because it's SO long lasting that it's a hassle to remove (review here). 


Would I recommend it?
Not in particular

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