Saturday, January 10, 2015

REVIEW | Tony Moly Delight Lip Tint in 01 Cherry Pink

1 coat 

Applied with the doe foot applicator
Kind of hard to get an even application

2 coats

If you apply it in the inner rim of your lips and blend it out this is what it looks like
I like the gradient look but I think it's easier to do with a lipstick

Not drying
Grape scented (con for some)

Hard to get an even layer
Not long lasting
Limited color selection

This is sold at Urban Outfitters, whaaat. I may have paid more for it in China

This product is kind of hard to work with, and it doesn't even really last long (if you drink anything or eat anything that has oil or moisture, this will rub off some). You either have to sheer it out a lot or apply a lot to get the full color. I wish they came with instructions
Definitely exfoliate your lips and moisturize the night before for it to look remotely even.
I've tried dabbing it with my finger, but it becomes very sheer, ends up not looking like much (I think a lot of it gets on your finger instead of your lips), which defeats the purpose of even applying a lip tint in my opinion.

I hope other lip tints aren't like this, if you've tried the Benefit ones or other ones that you actually LIKE please let me know.

 Would I recommend it?
Not in particular, I don't think it applies very evenly

Happy New Years! I just realized I never said that in my previous posts o_O

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