Friday, February 13, 2015

REVIEW | Shiseido Water in Lip lip balms

Left: Menthol
Right: Moisture

Kind of hard to translate, but this is what the packaging looks like

Nice sheen on lips

Not easy to find
Not really scented (pros for some)

~$5 for 3g
Sold at Japanese supermarkets in the states?

There is a very popular high and low-end drugstore named Watsons in Asia that carries anywhere from Maybelline and L'Oreal to SK-II and Shiseido (well, the one in Taiwan anyway, the ones in Beijing only carried drugstore and Asian beauty brands).
I think I got these for about $3-4 with a sale. On Amazon or Ebay these are a bit more. Shiseido has low-end lines of skincare (like Perfect Milk/Whip, ZA, etc.) and makeup in Asia, the ones we see in department stores here is the high end line.

The green menthol one isn't really cooling on the lips, it goes on smoothly but doesn't moisturize as well since I like to wear lip balm overnight. The pink one is thicker in texture and applies thicker, more moisturizing. I expected the pink one to be peach scented for some reason, but it has no fragrance.

After finishing my Burt's Bees beeswax lip balm, I've come to realize that the Burt's Bees original is still the most moisturizing lip balm I've tried in drugstores. If I apply Burt's Bees the night before, my lips are moisturized all day. I am probably going to stop buying random lip balms that won't live up to Burt's Bees

Maybe the scented ones

Would I recommend it?
Yes, the pink one is very moisturizing

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