Wednesday, February 18, 2015

SKIN | Proactiv: Shady Company

During January, my skin was kind of acting up so I wanted to try out some new acne products. Having heard about Proactiv all these years ever since I was 13 made me want to try it once and for all. I went to one of the mall kiosks but saw the prices being a lot higher than I thought, so I went home and placed an order online for $30 for their Proactiv+ line.

Fast forward 3 weeks later, I see a charge on my credit card charge for $41 in addition to the initial $30, so I go on Proactiv to find that apparently I am not enrolled in their subscription service? I emailed customer service requesting a cancellation in their "membership" that I did not sign up for and to cancel the order I DID NOT place. Apparently they put you on a subscription service as soon as you sign up? SO SHADY.
The next day, Proactiv emails me back saying that they have canceled my membership and there is a $107 balance on my account.

WHAT? $107?
If you pay attention to their website, it says their skincare products are 60% off when you have a membership, so by my canceling the membership that I didn't sign up for, I now have to pay $107. Yeah. Right.

There is a valuable lesson to be learned by this, if and when you decide to try Proactiv (which I highly discourage) do NOT use a debit card and tread carefully and read in between the lines. 

In conclusion, it is a hassle to get your money back, I would avoid dealing with this company at all costs.


  1. Wow, that is really shady (about the cancelling part)...I always know that they automatically sign you up for the services though so that's why I would never want to commit to anything subscription.

    Have to talked to your credit card company (I believe it hasn't been too long since your statement?) you can always dispute that charge as unauthorized and they are usually better at getting your money bank (than directly talking to the company, whose goal is to scam your money anyway).

    1. the charge is still pending so I'll dispute it as soon as it is processed. Ugh I hate companies like this

    2. If it's still pending (mean stuff aren't shipped yet) you can call to stop it from going through I guess?


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