Wednesday, May 27, 2015

REVIEW | Holika Holika Pig Nose blackhead remover

Instructions are in Korean, so I asked my Korean friend to help me

Pore opener
Nose strip
Pore minimizer

Pore minimizer works

Ineffective unless you have A LOT of blackheads
Step 1 is kind of prickly on my skin

Varies from $2-5 USD depending on where you get it
I recommend Ebay for Asian beauty products because the well known websites like Pinky Paradise and YesStyle increase the prices like crazy

After being in Beijing for over 10 months with the pollution and everything my skin has suffered severely. I don't remember seeing this much blackheads on my nose (or perhaps I never noticed it because Eastern Asians are much more particular about their skin). Anywho, since I've been back the Clarisonic Mia has helped a lot with my pores, but I want to minimize my pores further so I've been looking into other methods. Step 1 opens your pores, I personally felt a stinging prickly sensation (I'm rather pain tolerate so this may be uncomfortable for some people), and I left it on for the maximum time (20 mins) because the first two times I tried this product (I purchased 5 total) it wasn't as effective. As you will see in some other online reviews, the nose strip is not as effective as the Biore ones, but the pore minimizer seems to be nice and cooling with a light fragrance.

All in all, if you have blackhead problems I'd stick with the Biore nose strips or the aspirin mask.


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