Friday, August 14, 2015

REVIEW | GlamGlow Clearing Treatment - helps with acne and pores?

You can't really see it here
But when you wash the mask off, there are little beads I assume are supposed to be exfoliating

As you can tell, it goes from black to gray like most clay masks
If you look closer, there are darker black dots around where my pores are larger or where my skin produces more oil, and where my active raised pimples are.

More literature, I didn't really read through this, but if you are going to invest so much money into a product it's good to do the research

Helps somewhat with acne
Cleans out pores
Tingly minty sensation

No drastic change in cystic pimples

$37 at Costco IF your local Costco carries it
$69 at Sephora for 1.2 oz / 34 g

The packaging says as a full face mask it will contains 17 uses, but if you only spots in certain places it should last a lot longer. I wouldn't have purchased this if I didn't find it at Costco.
As with many clay masks, it is drying and absorbs a lot of oil and impurities. My pores definitely look clearer after I wash it off. My cousin actually recommended that if I use The Clearing Treatment in conjunction with the Hydrating Treatment, it will make the pimples flat overnight but your skin is still moisturized. I tried that a few times but pimples only go away overnight if they're smaller. Cystic pimples still take a while to go away.

I tried taking photos for the results but I don't think the photos really do justice for what I see in real life.

I think this really helps if you have occasional breakouts like me, I can see why people rave about this product along with the rest of the GlamGlow line.

If I use it up and see it at Costco again, yes.

Would I recommend it?
Yes. If you want to clear out your pores. No, if you want it to help with acne.
I recommend sampling it at Sephora first, as with most expensive beauty products

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  1. Have you tried Glam Glow's eye mud mask? I've been using it for awhile now, and I actually really like it. If you can find it at Costco or TJ Maxx, I would say that it's definitely worth checking out.


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