Thursday, September 17, 2015

SWATCH | NYX Pure Nude 518A

Lip Smacking Fun Colors
Extra Creamy Lipstick
Made in Taiwan

Very nice peachy-pink nude


Not long wearing
Settles in lip lines

$3-5 for 0.14 oz / 4 g

I got this for free in a Target kit that a cosmetic specialist gave me one day a couple weeks ago, I never saw a salesperson in the specifically for the cosmetic aisle again, I could only assume it wasn't as effective as Target had hoped. I've owned NYX lipsticks before and they've always been consistently creamy and pigmented, the only flaw is the wear of the lipsticks. Although I've learned that the reality of lip products is if it's drier, it stays. If it's creamy and moisturizing, then it'll wipe away easily. 
Pure Nude would've been great back in... 2008 or 2009? When nude lips were all the rave. Most people are into bright lips or dark colors now from what I've seen.

This is a cute color if you're into nudes, I think it washes me out too much unless I'm wearing a smokey eye.

Probably not. Lipstick takes too long to use up

Would I recommend it?
Not in particular, this line of NYX lipsticks isn't very long wearing, but there's a large color selection if you're willing to reapply

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