Saturday, October 10, 2015

REVIEW | Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream SPF25 PA++

Bare skin | 1 layer of BB cream
Excuse my lady-stache

Natural coverage
Helps a bit with appearance of pores
Dewy finish (could be a con)

Contains parabens (see ingredients list)
Hard to see how much product is left
Only 1 color

~$18+ for 40g (1.3 oz)
Depending on where you get it. If you get it on Ebay, anything less than $10 is probably not the real product.

Rating: B
I received this as a gift recently. Having tried it a few years ago, I am pleasantly surprised that this is a lot better than I remember. My old one was a lot more gray and seemed to provide less coverage (maybe it was a knock off?), but this one looks really natural, helps with my pores and has decent lasting power when I set it with powder. Thing with BB creams is it kind of blurs your imperfections, but won't cover completely, which is where concealer comes in.
This BB cream has a dewy finish, if you leave it without powder it might look greasy (esp if you have oily skin like me), but the slight tackiness from the dewy finish holds onto powder really well, allowing the powder to provide more coverage and not look dry on my skin. I can't vouch for its whitening and wrinkle improvement qualities since my skin is pale from long-term sunscreen use, but this definitely helps making your skin look smoother and plump like the much-desired flawless Korean skin.

I would definitely wear this everyday with powder when I need a light/medium coverage pick me up.


Would I recommend it?
Yes, if your skin tone works with the color.

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