Sunday, October 11, 2015

REVIEW (Acne) | La Roche Posay Effaclar Acne System

Not super drying
Incorporates LHA and glycolic acid

Didn't make a huge difference in my skin

$30 for the set at Target
$15 for the cleanser (6.76 oz / 200 ml)

The original set comes with a 4.2 oz cleanser, I had used it up and purchased the full size at Target.
If you've been following my BB cream or foundation reviews (the most recent here), you'll notice I still have a lot of acne & mostly acne scars in the before photos. My acne mainly stems from hormonal imbalance (I think) and diet so skincare could only help so much. I really enjoyed the cleanser from this set, it seemed to clean my pores more than most acne cleansers I've tried. I recommended it to a close friend and she says it seems to clean her skin really well too. There's no moisturizer in this set, which I think is kind of weird because the common consensus seems to be that oily skinned gals still need moisturizing, but maybe our natural oils will suffice.

I don't care for the toner and the acne treatment as much, it didn't seem to make a significant difference in my skin. Recently I haven't been really using acne treatments, but rather an oronine H ointment my friend had gifted me saying it helps with her acne and scarring. I've been using it for 2 weeks so the verdict is still pending.

Update 12/2015 after repurchasing the cleanser and using it every night, I feel like it doesn't clean my pores as much as it used to. I did hear that it's good to switch up your skincare every 3 months so your skin doesn't get used to it (and for seasonal changes of course), but when I first began using it made my pores look really clean.

Just the cleanser.

Would I recommend it?
Yes. But I notice that it makes my skin a bit red, so it might be slightly harsh. Definite not calming in the morning so I use it mostly at night

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