Wednesday, October 7, 2015

HOLY GRAIL EYELINER | L'Oreal Lineur Intense (brush tip)

Brush tip


After 11 hours
As you can tell it's flaked a bit. If I wear it for any longer it might start flaking in my eye and create discomfort. Since it claims to wear for 8 hours I won't dock any points for that.

Long lasting
Smudge proof (on my oily lids)

Not waterproof
Brush tip takes getting used to
Flakes after 10 hours if you have oily lids

$8-10 for 0.23 oz / 7 ml

Rating: A
I am pleasantly surprised by the lasting power of this eyeliner. Way back when the felt-tip Lineur Intense (review here) was all the rave I didn't try it for whatever reason. After trying the felt tip again, I much prefer this one.
If this eyeliner comes in contact with water it will flake off (for me, on my cheeks), so I would not recommend this for any occasions you could cry. The brush takes some getting used to as I mentioned, I will try the felt tip version once this runs out.

If you have problems with eyeliner smudging this is a good one, doesn't flake on me like the Skinfood Sweet Almond liquid liner (review here) or Essence liquid liner (review here). I like using the L'Oreal one on days I need my eyeliner to last but don't need it to be completely waterproof like my holy grail, the Milani Infinite liquid liner (review here), which takes a bit more effort to remove at the end of the day.


Would I recommend it?

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