Tuesday, November 10, 2015

HOLY GRAIL FOUNDATION | MUFE Make Up Forever Mat Velvet+ Review

Shown in 20
Before | After
On active acne spots

Before | After
On acne scarred skin

Before | After
On active acne spots

Medium coverage
Natural looking
Long wearing
Fills in pores
Doesn't make me break out

Not cheap
Might be drying if you don't moisturize

$38 for 1 oz

After trying more foundations in the past few years, I can understand why people rave about the Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet Plus foundation now. I've been breaking out badly and was tired of having an oily face at the end of the day ALL the time despite approaching my mid 20s now. Recently I've found that the combination of the Cotz sunscreen and the MUFE Mat Velvet Plus and the E.L.F. High Definition powder keeps my face pretty matte/satin looking throughout the day.
The tricky part for me was finding a shade that matched. 20 Ivory matches the actual color of my face pretty well, but it is way too light compared to my neck. I tried out 35 which was way too pink. Maybe I'll try 40 and see if it matches my body a little better.

Side note, if you have large pores like me you might see your pores look clogged after you cleanse your face. This foundation hasn't broken me out despite not being able to clean everything out.

This foundation is definitely my go to if I want matte, natural looking coverage that lasts all day long. If you have dry skin you might want to moisturize really well or try a more moisturizing foundation.


Would I recommend it?

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